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365 Days of Wonderful

FEBRUARY 22 & 23, 2025

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

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Something Old, Something New…

Did you ever wonder how the quote “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” started?

Something Old:

This refers to the brides previous way of living, before the wedding. It is suppose to symbolize the transition into her new life, whilst not forgetting the one she had.

Something New:

This is the second part of the transition. It signifies the future ahead and all the prosperity it shall bring.

Something Borrowed:

This item tends to be borrowed from another previously wed bride. You borrow it so that you may have all the luck and joy that the bride who first wore it has now in her marriage.

Something Blue:

Before Queen Victoria set the standard for marrying in white, Blue was the common colour to be wed in. Blue, much before white (in fact during biblical times) was the colour of purity, and thus, women would marry gowned in it. The artifact of blue is merely a testament to the original colour of purity.