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365 Days of Wonderful

FEBRUARY 22 & 23, 2025

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

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Exhibitor Testimonials

“Each year we get more bookings as a direct result of the Wonderful Wedding Show than all our other advertising put together. We are very happy to be a part of this show; it is extremely well managed, with extensive marketing that guarantees a large attendance of potential clients. The Wonderful Wedding Show is known for providing a bride with a one-stop shop for hundreds of vendors within the wedding industry making planning for their day easier, and provides inspiration to attendees and vendors alike.”

“We have participated in the wedding show every year for the last 18 years. The wonderful wedding show is the premier networking event for Winnipeg’s leading wedding professionals. If you’re not involved with the wonderful wedding show you’re just simply not a player in the market. The staff at Showtime have always been a pleasure to deal with and are a key part of helping bridal couples create the wedding of their dreams. With over 80 weddings a year at Fort Gibraltar we are a leader in our market. At our other venue Lower Fort Garry we have a beautiful marquee tent for up to 400 people. The wonderful wedding show is a key part of how we connect to Winnipeg’s brides and grooms.”
– Shawn Brandson, FORT GIBRALTAR

“Archangel Fireworks offers a unique service; many people don’t know that a custom fireworks display can be the perfect finale to your big day. The Wonderful Wedding show gives us the opportunity to bring that excitement to a wider audience through their advertising and social media campaigns, and the huge number of attendees that we get to meet with face to face at the show.  We love it when someone who has never thought of the idea of having fireworks at their wedding sees our booth, it is like a light bulb goes off over their head and a smile crosses their face. You can’t make that kind of impact on potential customers anywhere else.

Another benefit to being a part of the Wonderful Wedding Show is that we have the opportunity to network with the other wedding vendors.  It takes a lot of teamwork to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, making connections is so essential in this industry.

We have been participating in the Wonderful Wedding Show for over a decade, and it is reasons like these that guarantee we will continue to be a part of this excellent event for many years to come.”

“Magickal Marriages by Mark Murray is celebrating its 10th year as an exhibitor with the Wonderful Wedding Show. I chose the Wonderful Wedding Show as a vehicle to promote my business because of the large-scale, direct-to-consumer marketing the show offers, with more than 5000 brides through the doors over the course of the weekend. The chance to bring my unique experience with non-standard wedding ceremonies to couples looking for something different is well worth the time, effort and cost of being an exhibitor, and I have seen my business grow from the half-dozen weddings I did in my first couple of years to the 25-30 I have averaged every year since. The RBC Convention Centre is a superb venue, allowing an enormous number and range of vendors to showcase their goods and services, which is of great benefit for couples coming to seek out what sometimes they didn’t even know they needed. For myself, this has allowed me to connect with other wedding industry professionals and help build a community of businesses willing to help promote each other, along with the year-round support of the Wonderful Wedding Show. I have greatly enjoyed the years I have participated in the Wonderful Wedding Show, and I look forward to being part of the show for many years to come.”

“Eph Apparel is a proud supporter of the Wonderful Wedding Show. As a national brand, we have the unique pleasure of attending Wedding Shows across Canada and we can confidently say that this show provides both vendors and attendees with the best experience in the country.

The Wonderful Wedding Show has recognized that groom’s are wanting to have an equal voice in planning their big day, by seeing more men attending the show each year. With an efficient floor plan, and even a dedicated Eph Apparel Groom’s Lounge, couples are able to effectively plan their big day while having a great time doing such.”
– Brett Kuchcial, EPH APPAREL

“I am a longtime exhibitor of the Wonderful Wedding Show; I believe I started right at the beginning! I only participate in the Wonderful Wedding Show as nothing else compares. The amount of clients I gain from the Wonderful Wedding Show is the reason I’m still in business! Sherri and her staff have always been very welcoming and accommodating and treat me first class.”

“The Wonderful Wedding Show has been amazing for us over the years!  The Floral Fixx has participated in the show for 10 years and it is always a phenomenal and valuable experience.  The Wonderful Wedding Show provides the opportunity to network with and build well-established relationships with other vendors in the wedding industry.  It is an important part of our annual marketing, as it allows us to connect with so many new clients.  Year after year, the show is produced with impeccable organisation and grace.  The longstanding quality and professionalism of the event as a whole makes the Wonderful Wedding Show an easy choice!”
– Julie Myers, THE FLORAL FIXX

“There really is no other show like the Wonderful Wedding Show in Manitoba.  Sherri Rheubottom and her fabulous team have set the bar high as far as wedding showcases go and every vendor who participates says how much exposure and business they get by attending.  To be able to meet brides and their families in person is very special and to be able to network with other vendors during the weekend is amazing.  Walking around and seeing the passion and creativity everyone puts into their booth is so fantastic to see.

This will be our 4th year as the official hair and makeup team for the amazing fashion show portion of the weekend as well as the beauty team for the V.I.B. Weddings Magazine fashion spread.  We are so looking forward to another fun and successful year in 2019 and years to come!”
– Kelly Cherewick, THE ARTIST GROUPE

“Stella’s Bridal & Evening Collections participated in the first edition of the Wonderful Wedding Show and has taken part in Winnipeg’s finest wedding trade show ever since.The Wonderful Wedding Show has enabled Stella’s Bridal to meet face to face with tens of thousands of brides, their families, and entourages. Their spectacular fashion shows have provided Stella’s Bridal with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our elegant, modern, and chic wedding and bridesmaid dresses to enthusiastic and receptive audiences.

The Wonderful Wedding Show’s varied advertising opportunities have allowed Stella’s Bridal to connect with Manitoba brides in the midst of planning one of the most important and celebrated events of their lives. Stella’s Bridal’s partnership with the Wonderful Wedding Show has resulted in positioning our bridal boutique as an essential destination for Winnipeg brides and their bridesmaids.

The things Stella’s Bridal enjoys most about participating in the Wonderful Wedding Show are its high level of organization and professionalism. Sherri Rheubottom, together with her exceptional staff, pay attention to every detail of the event’s operation to ensure vendors enjoy a positive show experience.

Stella’s Bridal has found the Wonderful Wedding Show experience to be a one of a kind and exemplary marketing occasion. No other Manitoba wedding event is as highly promoted, anticipated, and attended. For virtually every Winnipeg bride, attending the Wonderful Wedding Show with family and friends is as much a part of the engagement experience as wedding dress shopping to find the one!

Stella’s Bridal & Evening Collections highly recommends the Wonderful Wedding Show to businesses wanting to connect with brides, and their friends and families, during the most important wedding planning season of the year.”

“In 2000, Rygiel Photography & Video first participated in the Wonderful Wedding Show. The experience was so positive that Rygiel has been part of the show ever since.

The Wonderful Wedding Show makes it possible for Rygiel Photography & Video to meet with more brides, and their families and friends, in a single weekend, than we typically would in an entire year. Although it’s true that today, brides are able to view photographers’ and videographers’ work online anytime, we have discovered there is no substitute for the one on one interaction the show facilitates.

The Wonderful Wedding Show takes place in the centrally located, and beautifully renovated, RBC Convention Centre. Rygiel has found the show’s extensive marketing campaign attracts thousands of brides and their entourages to the show, and that the experience is much like attending a concert. The show generates a great deal of energy that encourages brides to finalize purchasing decisions for their wedding event. Rygiel Photography & Video’s partnership with the Wonderful Wedding Show has resulted in an increase in the number of events we book, and has introduced our products services to both current and future brides.

The things Rygiel Photography & Video enjoys most about participating in the Wonderful Wedding Show are the large number of excellent attendees, and the many networking opportunities the show affords. As a result of the high quality of this show, professionally produced by Sherri Rheubottom and her extraordinary team, Manitoba’s most talented vendors are attracted to participate as exhibitors, making it the perfect one stop shopping experience for brides.

For Rygiel Photography & Video, the Wonderful Wedding Show is an invaluable part of our annual marketing campaign. Rygiel has found the show provides significant results, and recommends it to businesses looking to introduce their products and services to more Manitoba brides than any other wedding show.”

“You guys always put on a great show and this year didn’t disappoint. You’re always so accommodating and helpful. You’re team always seems so friendly and seem to really love what they do, which makes the show that much more enjoyable. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the hard work that you guys do. I don’t know if you get the recognition you truly deserve and wanted to let you know that Tod and I appreciate everything you do to make the Wonderful Wedding Show a success. Can’t wait till next year!”

“I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help and support during the wedding show prep and weekend! You truly made it easier for a first timer to participate and feel comfortable and confident at the show. The organization and effort you put into this was much appreciated.”